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Prior to the publication of Speak of the Devil in 2006, the writer known as Richard Hawke did not even exist.

But his doppelganger did.

Before Hawke, there was Tim Cockey author of the wit-drenched series of Baltimore-based mysteries known as 'the Hearse novels.'

Then came 2006, and in the grand tradition of lean-and-mean pen names, Richard Hawke appeared on the scene. Turning his attention to Gotham, Hawke aimed to capture the adrenaline, the mystery, and the rich palette of characters that inhabit the city where everyone has both a story to tell and a stupendously unique voice with which to tell it.

Speak of the Devil, the firstborn of those efforts, introduced New York PI Fritz Malone, the bastard son of a former (and missing) NYC Police Commissioner. By turns cranky and caring, Fritz is definitely the guy you want in your corner. The critics jumped all over the book (in a good way), as did readers. Next came Cold Day In Hell, another Fritz Malone exploit which brought our hero into the cut-throat world of late night television hosts. Talk about cold.

With his third outing, House of Secrets, Hawke has spread his wings (as people like to say). Setting his story in the power centers of Manhattan and Washington DC, Hawke's House of Secrets pulls back the curtain on the nefarious doings (and undoings) of the politicians and brutal gangsters who allow ego and greed to run the show.

Just like in real life!

So sit back, buckle up, and get those pages turning.

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